Monday, January 26, 2009

Sketches,sketches and more sketches

I started these sketches feeling pretty good but a little stuck. There are not many logos for day spas for inspiration and even fewer for beauty salons. The client would like to retain a bird in the imagery which even though I know I don't have to do for my class designs, I wanted to try and figure out a way to keep the bird.
I was sort of excited when one of my doodles turned the "MJ" into a bird of sorts. I filed this idea in the back of my mind for further work because it would be easy to get super focused on this being the be all to end all of ideas. 

Anyways these are mostly is interesting that you can write a name so many different ways. Somewhere near the bottom of the page I had started goggling images of mint leaves and realized that maybe I could make lips out of mint leaves maybe, just maybe.

I worked some with the idea of the lips...and then went back to the typography of the letters because that is what I usually like working with the most.
So in the end I was blindsided by a series of migraines and while laying on the couch staring at the ceiling thinking about birds. I had only been considering cute little birds for the logo. Two semesters ago I did a project with a flamingo made entirely of phoenixes. The phoenix is a mythical bird that is a symbol of rebirth and an idea is born in my head. You go to the spa or beauty salon for a rebirth or rejuvenation so this may be an idea I go with for a few sketches.

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