Thursday, January 29, 2009

A new package for Kraft

We go through a lot of cheese at my house. My son's favorite brand is Kraft--he swears it melts better on his quesadillas. so today at the grocery store I go to grab the bag of cheese and find side by side two different packages of the same cheese.

This is the original package of Kraft Sharp Cheddar Cheese that I have used for what seems like years.

This is the new and improved look.
which I actually like better. I mean who wouldn't it is not just "sharp cheddar cheese" but "aged Wisconsin sharp cheddar". the price is exactly the same even though this one would appear to be the designer edition.

But then I got to thinking of something I saw on the "Today Show" this week. The discussion has been going around about the similarities of the new Pepsi logo to the campaign logo for our new president. A quick search on google showed me that there are striking similarities between them. have a look for yourself.

the new Pepsi logo
and this is the logo for the presidential campaign
So do they look similar to anyone else?

And is the simplification of the design going to be a new trend to watch, like the new design of cheddar cheese I found today?


DoubtingSalmon said...

I can't say I'm very fond of the redesign.

Lori said...

which one the Pepsi one or the Kraft one? The Kraft one is refreshing

Lauren said...

What the Pepsi logo looks like is the Korean Air logo. I flew with them to Thailand over the summer and then I saw the new Pepsi logo. I was like "Dang! Why is Korean Air advertising so much?"
Here's the Korean Air logo: