Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monet on Acid

I enrolled in textiles 3000 becuase I love fabric. Our first assignment was to take an inspiration piece, dye the fabrcis to match 6 of the colors in our piece and create something.

My inspiration was the Monet painting on the left that I recently saw at the High Museum here in Atlanta. The hand dyed fabrics are not in my piece as solid colors but instead I dyed the background and free motion stitched on the resulting fabric. The finished piece was turned in with the fabrics I dyed as the binding but I am going to remove them and just use a black binding.

all that being said, I love my piece. Which sends me to ponder, do I submit a portfolio for review to the textile department? Its what I love, its what I know

decisions, decisions

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Lauren said...

Do it! You know you want to.